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New Item On Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures

Top8Magic is reporting a powerful new item for the first time in more than a year on popular Facebook game Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures!

We saw this on Twitpic / Twitter:

If you have EVER played Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures on... on Twitpic

The new item is Gloves of the Moon, which michaelj claimed to have bought for 5000 Gold today (also check out michaelj’s array of items… yowza). Gloves of the Moon seems like the best Gloves in the game, combining the best elements of Gauntlets of Destruction (the rare item Gloves) and Rogues Gloves (the typical top-of-the-line Gloves, especially for michaelj’s preferred class of Halfling Rogue).

More at Top8Magic.


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Join my Holiday Outrage!!!

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year.

Just a quick request to anyone who plays Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures.

This has bothered me for some time, but now that I am — sorry “was” as of yesterday — one of the three #1 rated players in the world, it really hits home.

The Leaderboards on Tiny Adventures were originally intended to measure players who made it to Level 11. However for whatever reason, failed Ironman players (players who die permanently before getting to 11th level) get put on the same Leaderboards as players who actually retire at 11th level.

So there is one guy who suicides a ton so as to muck up the Leaderboards. It took him about a week and a half but he suicided enough to displace my #1 rated character down to #2. He basically picked the character with the fewest hit points and set himself up to die in one hit after winning a few Encounters.

So what I am asking is, if you agree (I’m sure most of you who play agree with me that the Leaderboards should reflect only Level 11 players and not pointless suicides), please comment here and on the Tiny Adventures Forum under the thread Who else thinks they should remove Ironman failures from the Leaderboards?.

Thanks in advance for tolerating this ranting post and thanks to everyone who will raise their voices in righteous anger in order to, you know, keep the game worth playing for everyone and giving dedicated players something to reach for.


PS By the way I wrote a similarly whining post over at Top8Magic. Gotta get all my peeps lined up!

PPS They should also change the Day: Hour: Minute to three digits. Right now the Leaderboard Top 2 are 00:00:00 by waiting until 100 days (which is clever, admittedly, but again ruins the user experience).

Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures

If you’ve ever wondered what the world’s biggest Magic strategy writer has to say about the world’s tiniest online role-playing game…

Hey everybody, here is a short video about Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures, a cool Facebook application we have been chatting up at Top8Magic.com on the Magic Podcast. We all love it, we tricked all of our friends into playing it. I am now trying to trick you into playing it so that I have more friends to buff and heal me.

Don’t know what it means to buff and heal me?

Watch the video,

love the video,