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August 1994, “I Want One”

You have probably already guessed that I spent quite a bit of effort on this series of blog posts.

This episode in particular I wrote and re-wrote several times.

I have come to the conclusion that August 1994 might be considered impossibly egomaniacal (if delicious) and cannot actually be committed to ink (digital or otherwise).

You know how you can punch your best friend in the arm and say “I’m going to kill you,” when he goof-grabs or takes the wrong turn, and you both have a laugh… But if you write “I’m going to kill you” in an email it might be taken completely the wrong way and have the HR rep come a callin’?

That is why I decided not to write down August 1994.

If you want to find out what happened, you have to listen to it:

August 1994

That’s it!


PS @MyntyFresh on Twitter sez you might not be able to listen to the above on Google Chrome; you can definitely right-click download it, though… I think you can click-and-listen in other browsers (which I have done in many a Safari). Sorry for any confusion (if there was any).