Breach the Multiverse in Mono-White Control

Breach the Multiverse

Breach the Multiverse from March of the Machine

  • Card Name: Breach the Multiverse
  • Mana Cost: 5BB
  • Card Type: Sorcery
  • Rules Text: Each player mills ten cards. For each player, choose a creature or planeswalker card in that player’s graveyard. Put those cards onto the battlefield under your control. Then each creature you control becomes a Phyrexian in addition to its other types.
  • Flavor Text: “All worlds will know perfection.”
    —Elesh Norn
  • Illustrated by: Luiga Smilshkalne

Autumn’s Innovative Orzhov

By now you have probably seen Autumn Burchett’s innovative look at Mono-White Control:

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Burchett brought a deck to the Pro Tour that was arguably the best positioned for the expected metagame. While either side can win, Rakdos decks are often in fits playing against White Control due to Wedding Announcement. The card generates even more value over three turns than the vilified Fable of the Mirror-Breaker, and then does even more when it’s done making tokens or drawing cards! Once turn five or so comes around, Wedding Announcement can soak up at least 2/3 of black’s ace… And remember it already generated extra materiel along the way.

Um… “Mono” White Control MichaelJ?

Fine. “Mono” White is a filthy lie. Autumn’s deck “splashes” for a double-black seven drop in the main deck (as well as playing tons of black cards in the sideboard). Breach the Multiverse is the show! But why exactly are we watching?

The Three Draws to Breach the Multiverse

There are probably more than three reasons, but these are the big ones:

  1. It wins the mirror, two different ways – There are lots of ways to build a Mono-White Control deck. Maybe the opponent is also leaning on Planeswalkers to win. Cool. You’re now twice as likely to have The Eternal Wanderer advantage! Whatever the opponent’s end game plan — whether it’s 5/4 Angels, 5/5 Angels, or even 3/4 Angels — they’re now yours! Breach the Multiverse is a mirror-breaker on the merits.
  2. You can just deck them – No, for serious! Lots of people were sideboarding Jace, the Perfected Mind to beat Mono-White non-interactively prior to Autumn’s deck reveal. White decks are really good at drawing an extra card or so. Reckoner Bankbuster. Attacking with Wedding Announcement in play. Thinning your deck with Cabaretti Courtyard… Even just playing the card Bitter Reunion in the Sam Black splash! In addition to drawing an extra card or so every turn, these decks are notoriously hard finish. They kill individual threats with Lay Down Arms or lots of them with Farewell, Depopulate, or Sunfall. Consequently, it is surprisingly easy to set a White opponent up for a fifteen-card decking one-shot.
  3. Breach the Multiverse Goes Over the Top – So in all matchups, not just White Control mirrors, this seven might be the most powerful card in either deck. Sometimes it’s the most powerful card in both decks! Don’t be surprised if you’re borrowing Etali, Primal Conqueror or Chandra, Hope’s Beacon. Mono-White is one of the best decks during the middle turns. It can beat back Invoke Despair with a Wedding Announcement and a token creature… But it could potentially be buried under a Grand Unifier or other ultra high end threats. Breach the Multiverse squares that fight and more. Breach the Multiverse is at once both Ancestral Recall and Black Lotus. It is a two-for-one that often represents 14+ mana in value… Chaining into potentially an additional draw-seven. Whew.

But Wait! There’s More!

… and more…

… and more!

One of the cool things about Breach the Multiverse in a deck playing a long game is that is not only card advantageous itself… Breach will often chain card advantage into more card advantage. For example if you untap with a Serra Paragon in play, you are going to start the next turn with fifteen more cards in your graveyard than you did the previous one. Think you can do something with that?

Or imagine you get to reanimate Atraxa, Grand Unifier with your Breach. That’s cool! You just got a gigantic lifelink flyer to defend yourself through the turn cycle in addition to another powerful permanent. But you also just drew something like seven cards. Card advantage snowballing into more card advantage!

For all these reasons, I was really excited to try Autumn’s deck. Check out the game play here or on the FiveWithFlores YouTube channel:


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