Wrenn’s Resolve in Mono-Red Aggro

Wrenn's Resolve

Wrenn’s Resolve from March of the Machine is a completely new Magic: The Gathering card

  • Card Name: Wrenn’s Resolve
  • Mana Cost: 1R
  • Card Type: Sorcery
  • Rules Text: Exile the top two cards of your library. Until the next turn, you may play those cards.
  • Flavor Text: Even as she burned, Wrenn bent Realmbreaker to her will.
  • Illustrated by: Viko Menzes

Wrenn’s Resolve is a Completely New Magic: The Gathering Card

Okay, okay… No it’s not.

Wrenn’s Resolve is a functional reprint of Reckless Impulse… A card that we wrote about recently in Mono-Red Aggro! But that was before March of the Machine was legal to play on Magic: The Gathering – Arena.

Is the Reckless Impulse (now Wrenn’s Resolve) shell still viable with the new set?

I thought that it might be even better than before. A lot of the new decks out there are based on things like Battles; which can be clunky in implementation. They are sometimes expensive; and in extreme cases force players into either really weird mana or really weird deck configurations. For example, a deck that is almost all Battles. At some point don’t you need creatures or spells to flip the Battles?

The cantrip-based Mono-Red that now includes [totally new Magic: The Gathering card Wrenn’s Resolve] was always really good at punishing players who misstepped. Between the format being new (so the decks not being 100% tuned yet) and some of the configurations or play patterns being a little off still… I thought the time was perfect.

Here’s the updated deck list:

Besides the main deck changeover from Reckless Impulse to Wrenn’s Resolve, the other main updates are in the sideboard. Briefly:

  • Lithomantic Barrage – This card is great! It does five damage for only one mana; and if Mono-Blue once again becomes a big player in Standard, it will probably become invaluable as a four-of. I only played it as a two-of because I was just updating my Obliterating Bolts from last season. Most of the cards you want to Obliterating Bolt — Serra Paragon, Raffine, Adeline, and so on — are Lithomantic Barrage-eligible.
  • Volcanic Spite – With only 20 lands, the deck does sometimes need a little oomph to get up and go. It does this in the main deck with Ancestral Anger (which draws a card), Blazing Crescendo (which exiles a card you can play, often a land), and of course Wrenn’s Resolve. But some matchups force you to side out your creature buff cantrips. Volcanic Spite steps in to keep the deck moving in those; plus is an instant speed removal card for Squee or Thundering Raiju.

How Did We Do?

One way to find out!

Check out the latest Standard play video from YouTube:


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