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My Books

The Official Miser’s Guide
This is a 30-day audio course I did for StarCityGames.com. When Steve Sadin brought me back to SCG back in 2011, one of his big visions was to do more big projects like this (or rather more like Next Level Magic). I am very proud of The OMG, which you can tell by the price.

Steve’s vision continues with Patrick Chapin’s wonderful Next Level Deck Building which I was honored to help out with.

My first book, published via Matt Wang and Brian David-Marshall as the first project at Top 8 Magic. Deckade is a compilation of the first ten years of my writing (hence the name).

My PPC Marketing Book (Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing: An Hour a Day)
My friend and mentor David Szetela asked me to collaborate on this with him at a marketing conference. A former CEO of Apple said it should be “on every marketer’s bookshelf.” Who am I to argue with Steve Jobs John Sculley?

Top 8 Magic
Also a blog (albeit a less active one than this one, if you can believe that) Top 8 Magic is mostly known for the long-running podcast starring YT and Brian David-Marshall along with Steve Sadin, Matt Wang, and many of our other friends. Today we mostly publish from Canadian super site ManaDeprived.com.

Flores Rewards
Flores Rewards was an idea Gavin Verhey (now of WotC R&D) and / or Pro Tour Champion Osyp Lebedowicz thought up at some point or other. Maybe it was at dinner at US Nationals 2010? Shrug. Flores Rewards has been dormant for a long while, but I used to use it as an excuse to give away cool prizes.