New Item On Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures

Top8Magic is reporting a powerful new item for the first time in more than a year on popular Facebook game Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures!

We saw this on Twitpic / Twitter:

If you have EVER played Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures on... on Twitpic

The new item is Gloves of the Moon, which michaelj claimed to have bought for 5000 Gold today (also check out michaelj’s array of items… yowza). Gloves of the Moon seems like the best Gloves in the game, combining the best elements of Gauntlets of Destruction (the rare item Gloves) and Rogues Gloves (the typical top-of-the-line Gloves, especially for michaelj’s preferred class of Halfling Rogue).

More at Top8Magic.


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New Item On Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures…

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