Somebody at Pixar Has an Effed-up Sense of Humor

This past weekend I saw the new Disney Pixar film Brave with my son, the shockingly handsome Clark Flores (aka Version 2.0).

Brave was fine. I know it has gotten some mixed reviews but I mostly liked it. I like girl-power-y stuff in general (Aimee Mann is my favorite celebrity), and Brave isn’t just girl-power but mommy-power.

This blog post isn’t about Brave but one of the previews I saw, which was for an upcoming prequel to Monsters, Inc. If you haven’t seen the trailer to Monsters University, I am embedding it here:

Did you watch that?

Did you catch how effin’ effed-up it is?

At approximately the one-minute mark, the Monsters University trailer cuts to a shot of Billy Crystal’s character Mike Wazowski hanging from the ceiling as Spandau Ballet 80s hit “True” plays in the background. Now the more well-read among you are probably already wincing.

Yes, dear readers, somebody at Pixar has an effed-up sense of humor.

This is an Easter Egg wrapped in a reference covered by a security blanket and topped with bacon.

Don’t know what a Spandau Ballet is?

This is a screen shot of the referenced shot:

From IMDB:

The band took its name from Spandau Prison in Germany, where many executions by hanging were carried out before and during World War II. While dangling at the end of the rope, many victims would twitch and jump, which came to be called the “Spandau Ballet”.

You can go ahead and “ew” now 🙁


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