Prelude to Flashback – the #DesperateRavings Big Winners

Hello Five With Flores (and GatheringMagic, and LegitMTG, and ManaDeprived) and Desperate Ravings fans!

Welcome back and thanks for your patience.

By the providence of KYT’s handy dandy random number generator, the shotgun Adam Styborski keeps behind the counter over at Cool Stuff Inc., and Jonathan Medina’s Friday Night Heroism, we bring you the winners of Desperate Ravings:

As a refresher…

A week or two back, here at Five With Flores — and sponsored by our friends at GatheringMagic, LegitMTG, and ManaDeprived of course — we brought you a series of writing assignments (if you are just tuning in, click on any post tagged Desperate Ravings). Over the course of those feats of penmanship, our sponsors handed out $150 in store credit.

Now it’s time for even more store credit!

Participants who completed all seven Desperate Ravings assignments were eligible for one of three big prizes from our friendly stores, plus one coaching call from YT.

Ready to find out who won?

GatheringMagic is shipping $50 to…

Susan Zell

LegitMTG is shipping $50 to…

Michael Marsala

ManaDeprived is shipping $50 to…

Michael Lanier

… and my call is going to…

Sonja Boschman

Congratulations to our big winners and thanks to everyone for participating and following along with all the Desperate Ravings shenanigans and fun.


But wait!

There’s more!

Up next is Desperate Ravings – Flashback. Absolutely anyone can participate in Flashback, but as you will soon find out, Desperate Ravings participants who completed all seven initial assignments have a huge advantage.

Flashback is going to pop around all the sites week over week, rather than just living here.

More on this next week!

Desperate Ravings has been made possible by the generosity of our sponsors. Check ’em out!

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Prelude to Flashback – the #DesperateRavings Big Winners…

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