Conflux – Hellkite Hatchling

I just realized I can skip typing all these card jones by just pasting an image of the card (anyone who has already read the Dragonsoul Knight post can go back… It is now adorned with an image of the aforementioned Dragonsoul Knight).

Okay… Hellkite Hatchling.


This card is pretty in-line with little baby Dragon cards of times past in terms of size versus mana cost.

Some of those cards have been pretty good in the past, mind you (Dragon Whelp in Dave Price’s “Dallas 1996”-era PTQ deck, Furnace Whelp in Pat Sullivan’s Nationals deck, overcoming the Vedalken Shackles with a fist full of Seething Songs).

So what about the new kid?

This one is interesting in that it has a pretty decent upside. If you only Devour one little guy you have a 3/3 evasive creature for four mana, which is more-or-less Constructed Unplayable (Phantom Monster, et al); but if you Devour two or more little guys, you have a 4/4-ish (or bigger) Hatchling, and that’s not complete garbage.

However with no delicious Black, Green, or Red weenies meal, the card is horrendous: a 2/2 for four mana; that is, sub-Scathe Zombies in terms of efficiency.

Where can I see this fitting in?

I decided to make up a brand new label for card reviews: Puzzle Piece.

That is, this card is pretty narrow. It is probably best played (if played at all) as a compliment to a specific strategy. Like it’s not that bad if you play a Sprouting Thrinax on turn two, get in for three, then plop this guy on top of the aforementioned Thrinax, keep three powers from that fellow and upgrade to a 3/3 flying + trample Dragon.

Not bad!

Not the best, probably, but there is some synergy there.

Outside of a scenario like I just described, Hellkite Hatchling is kind of a janky creature enchantment, right? It’s a developmentally disabled Blanchwood Armor that requires a potentially heftier down payment than usual… Not horrible in the right situation (say sideboard in Green-on-Green when you basically want to get in and can hold the floor reasonably well); but probably not the best given what is being asked of you.

Just some ideas… I think the Team Token one is better than the second.

Snap Judgment Rating: Puzzle Piece / Role Player


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#1 Norm on 01.19.09 at 6:57 pm

I really like this guy. I’m glad you gave him such a fair review. I agree that the Hatchling would be awful if you needed to play it without devouring something. I felt that devour was under-developed in Shards. This gives the mechanic some new life and possibilities.

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