Conflux – Dragonsoul Knight

So I’m going to mix it up for the next two weeks or thereabouts and attempt to review as many of the new Conflux cards that I can.

Up first is Dragonsoul Knight.

Dragonsoul Knight
Creature – Human Knight
First Strike
WUBRG: Until end of turn, Dragonsoul Knight becomes a Dragon, gets +5/+3, and gains flying and trample.

I like the +5/+3-ness of the boost. Very “Red” … That is, more up front than in the back. Last week I read something along the lines of “You can’t mention the Gutenberg Bible without thinking of Steve.” Well in Magic, it is difficult to see a five next to a three and not think of Juggernaut. … Which wasn’t even Red, but it fits.

The aesthetics are pretty much everything this card has going for it, in Constructed at least.

In draft it is likely to be a half-step worse than a Kitsune Blademaster (which was still pretty good), and only pretty rarely going 7/5.

In Constructed decks that can actually activate this ability probably have something better to do with their mana than make a Grey Ogre-ish battler… well… at any point.

Where can I see this fitting in?

Honestly, at present… Not a heck of a lot of places. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head (though I’m sure if you have an idea you will gladly state it in the comments below!) is as a sideboard card in one of those aforementioned decks that can actually make WUBRG. Like maybe those decks are kold to an Island (they just sit and wait to Counterspell whatever saucy Reaper King-sort of mojo the WUBRG deck was setting up to make) and they want to sneak out something kind of inoffensive — perhaps under the Counterspell wall — with the long term plan of going large when they are able.

Snap Judgment Rating: Constructed Unplayable

More to come!



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