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Facebook 4 – Achievement Unlocked: Win-a-Box!

Tom Stiteler and I have been corresponding a bit on Facebook; Tom is a happy OMG customer who has shared some of his recent successes with me.

Most recently… Happier than ever I hope!

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 11.11.33 PM

I posted a Gruul Ramp deck including — you guessed it — Molten Primordial on Star City Games last Flores Friday. I am very happy to report the big Ramp deck with, you know, Molten Primordial helped Tom unlock not one but two Win-a-Box achievements!

You know, Molten Primordial

It would be gauche to post my deck list here so soon after sending it up on Premium, so I will refer you there. I am super happy with Molten Primordial and squad, but have to admit I am intrigued by Tom’s black splash and will test that this week.

Thanks for reading!


Facebook Week 3 – OMG It’s the Top 8!

This one was actually from late last year, but I was always meaning to put it up (and this week’s “theme” gives me a good window).

I loved Collin’s Top 8 deck, which I talked about in The New Hotness. I had no idea at the time that I — or rather The Official Miser’s Guide — had any positive impact on the ascendant GP Top 8 competitor.


Wanna knock down a GP Top 8?

I didn’t say it! (though I’m sure you know I would)

GP Top 8 competitor Collin Morton did!

The OMG is worth every penny!


The Official Miser’s Guide at Star City Games.

Facebook Week 2 – Official Honesty Guide

Earlier this week my new Twitter biographer @MrsSharkLady thought it odd that I would buy a years-old Taylor Swift album I was already listening to on Internet radio. I didn’t think it weird at all; no more weird than supporting a comic book I like to read or contributing to the Veronica Mars Movie Project on Kickstarter.

Is it so odd for someone who enjoys a piece of media to support the people who created it?

I was hanging out with Josh Ravitz and Thea Steele when I got this message from Ryan Hiller; in a world where so many fans just steal music, tv downloads, etc. his email was truly heartwarming. Suggesting the donations was Josh’s idea.


If you are in Camillus, NY and want to visit the LGS of an obviously honest man, check out Ryan’s store, Legacy Gaming Company.


Facebook Week 1 – Ke$ha Envy

A jealous envious conversation with my editor had me thinking it would be fun to copy and paste some funny, heartwarming, or otherwise emotionally interesting Facebook chats. This is the first of four.


50? I wish! At the time of this writing, Ke$ha by my friend Patrick Chapin has garnered 116 Likes on Star City Games.