New Top8Magic Podcast!

In case you missed it, a long-awaited podcast with YT, Brian David-Marshall, and Steve Sadin is now up at MTGCast:

Top 8 Magic #329 – The 13 Lucky Charms of Fichael Mlores, Reality Bender

It took a couple of weeks to get up and onto the Internet due to some (admittedly understandable) stumbling blocks on the MTGCast side, so some of the discussion is a little dated [like whether Craterhoof Behemoth is good in Standard or not — LOL]. But… hopefully Top8Magic fans will love it anyway. On deck is our Thanksgiving podcast that is, like, only one week old 😉


Show notes I wrote /+ pilfered from MTGCast:

  1. A bunch of excuses as to why Mike and Brian started podcasting Podcasting in September… and then, you know, stopped.
  2. Brian is a big traitor that goes and hangs out on Limited Resources.
  3. Name dropping Brandon Sanderson (Mike — aka Fichael Mlores, Reality Bender — is the Brandon Sanderson superfan)
  4. Lots of stuff about Standard (“lots of” being “relative”)
  5. STAFF OF NIN! -Mike // Abrupt Decay? (“It probably isn’t good enough,” -Brian)
  6. Brian talks about baseball. Mike doesn’t know anything about baseball.
  7. Whew! Basketball! (“He doesn’t coach defense… AND he doesn’t coach offense!” -Sadin [Sadin appears])
  8. Talk about Magic some more (“… Guess you can play whatever you want” -Mike)
  9. Apparently Lingering Souls is bad in every format (Reid Duke is the nicest man in Magic)
  10. Mike, Brian, and Steve talk about some podcast they never put up where Steve turned out to be right about a bunch of stuff but you will never know for sure. Brian blames Will (not pictured) for saying “something unseemly”.
  11. What it’s REALLY like to do coverage. (gray hamburgers, “Brains! Brains!”)
  12. Shout out to Douglas Scheinberg (not actually in the podcast).
  13. Surprisingly, lots and lots of discussion about Legacy combo decks! (“lots and lots of” again being relative)


Stuff that you probably already know but is awesome to mention anyway:

Mike – @fivewithflores
Brian – @Top8Games
Steve – @SteveSadin

Stuff Brian and especially Mike really really want you to buy (also awesome):

Go listen!

More this week!



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