Post Script on Tamiyo, the Moon Sage

Earlier tonight I had the privilege of writing the preview for Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, a new blue Planeswalker in Avacyn Restored. You can read that at the Mother Ship here.

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage
At first I didn’t understand how good she might be, especially the inevitability represented by her [-8] Ultimate ability.

Tamiyo is well poised to defend herself, and gets along well with card drawing, in particular 0-1 mana cantrips.

Here is a post script I originally wrote for the article, but I don’t think it made it under deadline:

Post Script

It has been a few hours since I turned in my column and upon further reflection, ultimate Tamiyo is even more powerful and ridiculous than I originally thought. Here are some parting things you can do with her emblem:

Mulch – Draw five. Draw five again if you want (etc.)

Tracker‘s Instint – Draw five (as above). You can also play this one from the graveyard, so it has a more friendly initial catalyst.

Dream Twist – Remember how this is is stuff we all like / old school, etc.? What is more old school awesome than Ancestral Recall?

… And for those of you who want your cards to actually do something: Thought Scour.

Thought Scour, already a very playable cantrip can become a deadly four-of when combined with an ultimate Tamiyo. Being both useful early and an instant late makes for quite the combination. Like Dream Twist, Thought Scour is essentially an Ancestral Recall… Or, you can wait for the opponent to pass the turn, Millstone him for ~16 cards, and draw eight. Why play a legitimate way to win? That is pretty cool, too.


Try beating one Thought Scour.

What do you think?


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Post Script on Tamiyo, the Moon Sage…

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