Jon Wood is Now Famous :)

I woke up Friday morning and found the following set of Tweets waiting for me:

It is true my eighth round opponent in the Star City Invitational, Jon Wood, generously tried to scoop me into Day Two (he was unsuccessful).

So I suppose that if I were in Jon’s spot, I would have been at least a little surprised at finding no mention in last week’s Flores Friday, Citizen and Sir.

And while I am obviously guilty of failing to make Jon “SCG-famous” — in my own defense, and before getting to that point — on the way home from Baltimore, Invitational Top 8 competitor Josh Ravitz and I did give him props in our ride-home podcast.

Podcast? Podcast did you say?

So I posted not one, but two new Top 8 Magic podcasts on MTGCast this past week. The first was with Josh, and the second was with the usual gang of BDM and Steve Sadin. You can check them out here:

Part One: Ravitz
Part Two: BDM [though it is listed as “BMD” :)]

Anyway, “Top 8 Magic-famous” doesn’t exactly suck, though, again, I can understand Jon’s drop of consternation given the Flores Friday not-mention. So do me a solid and help me lift the day of a player who tried to lift my day last week.

Tweet Jon at [the unfortunate handle of] @TimPowersisGay

Some examples of Tweets you might throw him are:

  • michaelj h8s ur Twitter handle but sez u r a GM anywayz,
  • Congratulations! You are both Top 8 Magic-famous and blog-famous (if not SCG-famous), or…
  • (the ever popular) High Five!

So please Please PLEASE… Tweet Jon


Important takeaways from this blog post:

  • Even when some crappy crap hits you on the bottom of the shoe (or right between the eyes) the universe will often surprise you.
  • There are new podcasts to be had! Listen to them here
  • … and here!

That’s it /


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Jon Wood is Now Famous :)…

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