Color Theory (and bad girls), Guest Starring Clark Flores

Most of you know I have an awesome daughter, Bella Flores. She guest stars in videos sometimes, and famously asked Steve Sadin if he was actually interested in winning at PT Paris when she found out he played with Vector Asp instead of “Big Jace, Little Jace, Baneslayer Angel, and some Swords.”

However I have another awesome kid, Clark Flores!

“Ha, ha.” Sometimes people ask us if we named Clark after Superman. It’s not actually that funny — because we did!

Clark (age four) colored this:

I absolutely adore how he colored this xylophone. It is so reserved; it looks like an indie rock band CD cover.

Clark and I were spitballing last week and we went back to, you know, coloring. He decided to color a princess as a “bad girl” … to this result:

“That’s about as bad as you can color a princess,” mused Clark.

I decided to one-up him.


“Oh,” he concluded. “That is White Queen.”

Firestarter: Whose princess is badder?


P.S. More screwing around with colors / superhero bad girl Natalia “Natasha” Alianovna Romanova

The Black Widow

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Color Theory (and bad girls), Guest Starring Clark Flores…

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