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What I Did on My Summer Vacation: Day One – Thirteen Lucky Force of Will

This is a little out of order given I wrote about Day Two the other day, but I thought I would share this picture for those of you who didn’t see it in real-time on Twitter:

Force of Will

I have been home at least once a year, every year, since moving to New York, but for some reason I never thought to dig through my old Magic cards.

The above was the booty I obtained upon going through my first rediscovered drawer of Magic cards… That’s right ladies and germs! Thirteen lucky copies of Force of Will on the first pass!

That’s the good news…

The bad news is the same as what I told the Star City dealers when I tried to cash in some Wastelands last month: The only people with dozens of Wastelands (or apparently lots of copies of Force of Will) didn’t know — back when we were mising them for a dollar — that they were going to be worth $60 or whatever, which is why they are all beat up (-ish).

So most of this crop of Force of Will is in the played / heavily played category.

(that’s the bad news)

Also in the initial booty pile was a quartet of Icequakes that were officially beat to all hell (but I am pretty sure they were in the first deck I ever played to a PTQ win, so sentimental value there), and some additional sauce. You can see a couple of original Mishra’s Factories there, as well as a Beta Lightning Bolt and some other respectable Lightning Bolts. Do you know I actually shelled out $1 a piece for M11 Lightning Bolts at a tournament last year? For shame!

I also scooped up some random potential staples like Nomads en-Kor and Gaea’s Blessing.

I hit a bunch of Undiscovered Paradises and white-bordered Mishra’s Factories in the first drawer but I didn’t know to pull those, so I didn’t and never really went back.

Anyway, more good news around Day Three… But Day One wasn’t too bad.

I was obviously happy at finding Force of Will, but hopeful as I didn’t find any Wastelands.

More later.


What I Did on My Summer Vacation: Day 2 – Shark Teeth

I am going to go back and write about the buried treasure (aka thirteen copies of Force of Will) I found on my summer vacation (Day 1), but I decided it would be more fun to do this one, first.

So my sister was reading this (presumably) worthwhile book by Bill Bryson called At Home. I have no opinion on this book (having not read it yet) other than to give a big thumbs up around a list of causes of death in London in 1758.

“Most deaths, as might be expected, were from smallpox, fever, consumption or old age, but among the more miscellaneous causes listed (with original spellings) were:

  • choaked with fat – 1
  • itch – 2
  • froze to death – 2
  • St Anthony’s fire – 4
  • lethargy – 4
  • sore throat – 5
  • worms – 6
  • killed themselves – 30
  • French pox – 46
  • lunatick – 72
  • drowned – 109
  • mortification – 154
  • teeth – 644″

I was planning on sharing this list regardless because I thought it was hilarious. However the hundreds of death by “teeth” really struck home yesterday, when I went to the dentist.

I have had some inflammation / sensitivity around my bottom wisdom teeth… forever. Since my wisdom teeth came in a dozen years ago or whatever they never felt particularly comfy; but a few weeks ago I sliced open my bottom gums flossing, and they kind of never got better. At least three weeks went by and my gums just weren’t healing.

That’s weird, I thought. Well, at least I have a dentist appointment coming up when I am home for summer vacation.

At first my dentist said that “I definitely had a canker sore back there,” but I was like, “If it is a canker sore, it is the most invincible canker sore of all time because it hasn’t gotten better in weeks; also there are two of them.”

Wasn’t a canker sore.

Turns out I had little bits of sharp bone / bony structures / bone spurs jutting out from under each of my bottom wisdom teeth!

The only thing he could imagine is that they were vestiges of my baby teeth that had never come up (I have never had any kind of dental issues as an adult… No cavities, no teeth-pulling, nothing beyond a little nighttime grinding and bonding once).

Then I imagined all those X-Men, X-Files, and / or House episodes where they find teeth in a kid’s brain or something.

“Actually we found incisors in your brain.”

“How did teeth get in my brain?”

“They were your twin brother’s.”

“I don’t have a twin brother.”

“No, now you don’t… It’s because you ate him in utero.”


Professor X, you cad.

Anyway the left-hand side he just broke off with that scraper-looking thing, but the right hand side wouldn’t break, so he had to slice open the gum and sand off the point.

I didn’t feel a thing!

Not until the Novocaine wore off anyway 🙂

Today, we are off to the roller coaster capitol of the world!

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