#WorldsDraft Clarification…

Concerning: #WorldsDraft :: PT Points

So the previous blog post lined up scoring based on Swiss points.

However the scoring criteria for #WorldsDraft is individual PT points. So like I said it is deceptive. The standings based on projected PT points is not close at all.

The reason?

Only two drafters have a Top 16 player — YT and Osyp. And Osyp is way out of contention. The other player with a Top 16 player is YT… And I also have a Top 8 player.

So Jamie being tied with me and Patrick at present is highly deceptive. His Shuuhei Nakamura at 18 is worth a PT point less than my Joshua Utter-Leyton at 16. Huzzah!

If Worlds ended right now, I would win by a huge margin of over 10%; I counted all Top 8 players as 12 PT points (5-8) rather than their Swiss positions (despite his position in the Swiss, PV hasn’t won the PT yet).

Here are my numbers, with projected PT points based on last year’s Worlds numbers:

As you can see, the current standings are much less close…

  • Osyp – 18
  • Jamie – 24
  • YT – 31
  • Phil – 26
  • Patrick – 27

Therefore I would be overjoyed if Efro ran the tables and won, with all of our current Top 8 horses losing in the quarterfinals. Remember, PV is a very serious threat to Brad Nelson’s once seemingly insurmountable Player of the Year lead.

Interestingly there is one other threat.

According to Twitter…

Should Efro fail to win his quarterfinal match to my horse Guillaume Matignon [please don’t lose, Efro], I would like to see Matignon win it all. Why? In addition to locking YT as the winner of #WorldsDraft, that would put Matignon in a tie for Player of the Year with Brad! It would go to a playoff (which in this amazing fantasy Brad would win); I think that there would be awesome drama around Brad falling so far, but being given a chance to retain his Player of the Year title on the field of battle.

Very Maher v. Finkel 2000 if you get the reference 😉


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#WorldsDraft Clarification……

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