Adding a Little Deny Reality

Inspired by Ben Botts’s deck list, I decided to try some Deny Reality action in the Cascade Control. Here’s the updated deck list:

Black Baneslayer Cascade Control

4 Bituminous Blast
4 Blightning
4 Bloodbraid Elf
4 Captured Sunlight
4 Deny Reality
1 Enigma Sphinx
4 Enlisted Wurm
4 Esper Charm

4 Baneslayer Angel

4 Exotic Orchard
1 Forest
1 Island
1 Mountain
2 Plains
4 Reflecting Pool
1 Swamp
4 Vivid Crag
2 Vivid Creek
1 Vivid Grove
2 Vivid Marsh
4 Vivid Meadow

3 Ajani Vengeant
4 Hallowed Burial
4 Maelstrom Pulse
4 Primal Command

As should be medium obvious I have become a super devotee of the mono-Cascade Cascade strategy over the last few weeks. It is literally all I am interested in playing. This version literally has 21 Cascade cards, 4 Baneslayer Angels, and 8 discard spells to finish Cascade chains. In case you haven’t been paying attention, every Cascade chain ends either with a Baneslayer Angle (Enlisted Wurm or Enigma Sphinx), or your discarding two cards.

This kind of deck requires a greater amount of discipline to play than most decks of any stripe. As Thomas Dodd pointed out in his guest blog post last week, this style of deck requires a lot more racing and resource management than decks with more conventional removal suites. Your “defense” a lot of the time is just putting down one or two guys, or going nutso with Bloodbraid Elf in the Red Zone, or hoping to win the Cascade lottery. That’s okay… The deck was literally designed to win the Cascade lottery.

The main difference from the last version is the inclusion of Deny Reality, per Benjamin’s take on the deck list. Instead of cutting a Cascade spell, I decided to approximate Primal Command and cut the one Obelisk of Alara that Thomas didn’t like anyway. I cut a land in recognition of the additional Cascade spell (Cascade spells tend to facilitate mana flood in long games), and the fact that I had just lowered the curve. Vivid lands had to be shuffled a mite bit as well.

So far the deck has been very nice, including in tournament play. Tonight I won a couple of nail biter queues, including over Mono-Black Rogues (!) and Fae… Both LWW wins. In the case of the Fae deck, I didn’t even sideboard (I was planning to lose)… But when you design your deck to get lucky and always flip over Cascade spells (especially when they are Bloodbraid Elf into Blighting), miracles can happen.

I am planning to play a variation on this deck in the upcoming Star City tournament in Philadelphia (we’re going, right Josh?) … I figure there is no way I am going to have four Lotus Cobras in time, so might as well get lucky with Cascade instead of with Landfall 🙂

The challenge for the ’09-10 version is going to be the mana base. We can’t count on Vivids any more, and filters are going the way of The Dojo as well. So that leaves us with tri-lands and sac duals. I am leaning back towards 28 just because sac duals, you know, eat up all your lands along the way. Does 12 tri-lands, 7 sac duals, and 9 basics sound about right?


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#1 rockbard on 09.25.09 at 8:00 am


What’s the plan for the deck against aggressive decks? I think Jund Charm can be a good addition to the sideboard.

#2 MTGBattlefield on 09.27.09 at 4:02 pm

Adding a Little Deny Reality…

Your story has been summoned to the battlefield – Trackback from MTGBattlefield…

#3 matt_sperling on 09.28.09 at 6:03 pm

Can you use the word “literally” more when you write. I’m having trouble telling the hyperbole from the things that are literally true. thanks!

#4 admin on 09.29.09 at 4:51 am

Sorry bro! It’s not like I write and re-write all the posts here like I literally did on the best of my… You know. Literally.

#5 matt_sperling on 09.29.09 at 4:26 pm

JK I enjoy your posts. If I was a magic card I would cost 3 mana and regenerate, ok maybe 4 mana if they let me hold a Cudgel.

#6 TheLaughingMan on 10.04.09 at 1:22 am

ok so here is a rough manabase that I worked up in like 10 minutes. It looks pretty ugly. If you have anything better I am all ears because I don’t have much experience building really complex mana bases.

3x UBW tri land
4x BGR tri land
4x RGW tri land
1x UGW tri land
1x UBR triland

4x BW fetch
2x RW fetch
1x GU fetch

3x plains
2x swamp
2x mountain
2x forest
1x island

Like I said I worked it up in 10 minutes and havent tested with it, but statistically it seems at least decent. I don’t know if it is consistant enough to actually work though because the deck is spread out really eavenly over colors. Maybe I should change one or two or the trilands and fetchlands but I think the basics are correct.

#7 TheLaughingMan on 10.04.09 at 9:07 am

I just realized that that is totally 29 lands. ummm maybe cut a mountain, I dunno. and the card that I wanted to cut from the main deck was either the sphinx or a deny reality just to cut down on the blue.

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