Alara Reborn – Jund Hackblade

Just a quickie on Alara Reborn common, Jund Hackblade.

Jund Hackblade is a hard working little fellow, and one of the more interesting cards that has been spoiled so far.

On its lonesome, Jund Hackblade is relatively uninteresting, a 2/1 for either BR or GR (and speaking of aesthetics, did anyone else notice the relative size difference of the Golgari v. Red mana symbols?)… But if you play a multicolored permanent on the first turn and follow up with this guy, you have a nice 3/2 haste for either BR or GR. Saucy.

The question is, what are you going to use to set him up?

My personal opionion is that Tattermunge Maniac is probably the best option; you can play it for either G or R on turn one, and you actually need G on the second turn even in a primarily Red deck (assuming you are the G side of course), so that makes things smoother.

Brian David-Marshall told me he really likes Figure of Destiny but I think that might be a little bit awkward due to the (I assume) forced Black mana on turn two… But that is probably resolvable by dual land in Blightning Beatdown. Figure of Destiny being a card you might actually want to play, of course.

There is also the possibility of just playing Jund Hackblade on the bonus… That is you don’t optimize to play him out of the gates on turn two… You just run him over (or alongside, actually) Goblin Deathraiders and he becomes a much better mid-game topdeck in a Blightning build with Boggart Ram-Gang and Ashenmoor Gouger.

Where Can I See This Fitting In?
This is a really cool card. It is obviously at its maximum when you can follow up a first turn Figure of Destiny or some such, rocking a Ram-Gang essentially, but I think that was the trap I fell into when initially evaluating it: Thinking only in terms of how good it can be on turn two. Remember that it can be regular on turn two and then you can just play a Ram-Gang the next turn and come in for six anyway; or you can play a Deathraiders on turn two and this plus Tarfire to get in the following turn for six anyway.

Basically you are going to want to play this in a beatdown deck that can support multicolored spells; you don’t just through it into a straight Red version and cross your fingers on the mana; that requires some amount of deck customization, but I don’t think it will be overly difficult. Green with Maniacs, but more likely some evolved take on Blightning. 

Snap Judgment Rating: If there were such a thing as a “defining” Role-Player, this would be it. Not a staple, but also not played “interchangeably” as many and most Role Players.

For a much more extensive discussion of Jund Hackblade and the cards you might want to play alongside it to set up, you might want to check out Brian David-Marshall’s take on

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#1 Alexan on 04.09.09 at 7:53 pm

You know he triggers off of multicolor perms as well, not just creatures. So if you played him turn 3 with say, Riot Spikes or turn 4 with a fists of the Demigod (5/4 first strike, wither, haste, when I come into play discard a card for 4 seems kitchen table good), or have rise of the Hobgoblins out. More likely spiteful visions or everlasting torment in Standard, but I could see Rise of the hobgoblins being played. It was played in block right?

#2 KZipple on 04.10.09 at 7:59 am

On a totally unrelated note, it calls him a “foul brute” in then flavor text. What kind of favor text bags on the card itself? Face of Fear deserves it, but this guy seems like gas.

#3 Five With Flores » Alara Reborn - Blitz Hellion on 04.15.09 at 5:38 am

[…] A high end burn deck is the most logical place to try Blitz Hellion; that, or a deck with a heavily aggressive burn and haste theme… Maybe he will be friends with Jund Hackblade? […]

#4 messels on 04.16.09 at 3:39 pm

goblin deathraiders or goblin outlander? outlander makes more sense in my mind…what would you consider dropping for this dude? certainly not mog fanatic! (?) spark elementals maybe (or hellspark if you’re running that) ? not an incinerate…what’s nice is that he makes auntie’s hovel a must-run (assuming you go this route). hmmm, not sure. haste is super sweet for a two-drop–but like you pointed out, he’s not necessarily needed to come down on T2. i guess i just see this guy ending up a 2/1 vanilla most times…first strike would have been bomb-y, but now…?? just not sure…

#5 Five With Flores » Alara Reborn - Putrid Leech on 04.25.09 at 8:08 pm

[…] where both players are running two drops (or say the opponent is planning on two drop followed by Jund Hackblade), you can just tap out for Putrid Leech on turn two and turn off his third turn, theoretically even […]

#6 scoutinthenight on 04.29.09 at 12:13 pm

I’m surprised that people didn’t perk up more about this guy after the borderposts were spoiled. I still see people commenting that there are no gold 1 drops.

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