Alara Reborn – Jenara, Asura of War

Our snap judgment of Alara Reborn Mythic Rare Jenara, Asura of War.

To be honest I have been trying to find reasons not to like this card.

The reason is that I always like cards like this one (note the Green mana), and that usually costs me.

However I just keep coming back to the fact that I busted a format open by adding some Trained Armodons*, and have literally made the finals of a Constructed PTQ with four Silt Crawlers in my stack.

Given those parameters, the whole “not liking” loses essentially all of its footing. 3/3 flying for three? Awfully solid, if below the high water mark for a format with Incinerate, Agony Warp, and Nameless Inversion (still, I always hate making the investment — I think this is where it comes from).

The White mana is central to the Green and Blue, making it the natural color for Jenara’s rather formidable ability. I don’t think it will be uncommon to see a 5/5 Asura of War crashing on turn four if not turn three.

Where can I see this fitting in?
While it’s possible for control to play Jenara in much the same way that we forced Serra Avengers into control, I think that the most attractive option begins with a first turn Noble Hierarch. Hi-yah!

Snap Judgment Rating: Role Player (high); arguably Staple in decks like Bant Aggro Control, though fists will fly with Kitchen Finks and Rhox War Monk for space.


* Ignore The Fine Line Between Tech and Jank

All Alara Reborn

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#1 Joe on 04.14.09 at 11:23 am

I agree on pretty much everything with the addition that I could see it making nice with a Bloom Tender deck as well.

#2 GRat on 04.14.09 at 1:21 pm

She’s a hot one…

#3 wrongwaygoback on 04.14.09 at 5:19 pm

The world “Legendary” makes me less excited. How many do you run?

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