Naya Burn Mail Bag

This one is going to be more or less a mail bag related to my Naya Burn deck. I will be repeating some stuff from the comments for those of you who don’t follow those closely and answer new reader questions as well.

  • DavePetterson thinks it’s okay that I didn’t qualify because then you guys get to read posts like Kind of a PTQ Report. To this I say… Greedy!
  • wills wonders — if “Lash Out is the best burn spell in this deck after Tarfire and Seal of Fire. Yes, better in most cases than Lightning Helix” why we don’t run it main. The answer here is that Lash Out is so effective because it is only featured in games where it will matter. Sure in the PTQ I played in that was all eight rounds, but it would be silly to play main deck in a Red Deck with so many options… Path to Exile might make the cut in Naya Burn but I wouldn’t play it main under any forseeable circumstances.
  • schwarzott ran this version of Naya Burn to a 5-2 finish in Detroit. He has been having problems with Bant Aggro-Control.4 Lightning Helix

    4 Tarmogoyf
    4 Wild Nacatl

    4 Incinerate
    4 Keldon Marauders
    4 Kird Ape
    4 Mogg Fanatic
    4 Puncture Blast
    4 Seal of Fire
    2 Sulfuric Vortex

    2 Bloodstained Mire
    2 Forest
    3 Mountain
    2 Mutavault
    2 Sacred Foundry
    2 Stomping Ground
    1 Temple Garden
    4 Windswept Heath
    4 Wooded Foothills

    2 Mystic Enforcer
    4 Pyrostatic Pillar
    4 Shattering Spree
    3 Volcanic Fallout
    2 Kataki, War’s Wage

    My analysis is…

    1. Only two Sulfurous Vortex in the main. I have found that Bant Aggro-Control is pretty easy to beat as long as they are not blowing you out with defensive Jitte counters and Spirit Linked Rhinos. Sulfurous Vortex is very effective against them, especially since they have to deal a little damage to themselves with lands.
    2. When I beat Bant Aggro-Control, I used two two damage spells to take out Rhox War Monk in all the games I won. This deck only has “one set” of Seal of Fire (no Tarfires). While you can theoretically play Incinerate + Seal of Fire or even just a Puncture Blast to hold down the War Monk, the subtle issue is that especially on turn two (or turn three or four for a deck with only 22 lands) you can find yourself with insufficient mana to respond.
    3. Subtly, the sideboard is an issue. Bant Aggro-Control really needs to beat you with equipment (other than games where you get blown out by Troll + Worship… No outs against that presently). The schwarzott version simply has the wrong reactive cards. Shattering Spree is sometimes more devastating against Affinity (and sometimes not), but Ancient Grudge is so much better than equipment-reliant Blue decks like Fae or Bant Aggro-Control because most of the time Shattering Spree will not give you any card advantage. When the card you are advantaging is as vital to the opponent’s strategy as Umezawa’s Jitte… etc. etc. I have won a fair amount of the time by letting the opponent commit 4-5 lands only to use instant speed artifact hate mid-combat to fart in their direction. In fact most of my wins have been based on Vortex, killing their Jitte, or good old Jitte advantage… and this version has no Jitte of its own! (Jitte has been pretty good in a lot of matchups, including Bant).
  • DAisaka09 makes a good point about 8 “Shocks” and the mirror which is full of three toughness creatures. I have been lucky to have won most or all of my mirror matches, and for sure I have drawn the three damage creature kill spells to deal with Apes and Nacatls. I can see maybe 1-2 Rift Bolt being better than the main deck Jittes I proposed in the previous post, or Incinerate again, as a two-of.I don’t think I would consider Puncture Blast, but I have heard good things about it from various directions, actually.
  • Dear zsievers,Pyrostatic Pillar is quite good against Storm.

    When you are ahead, it basically makes “every matchup into the Zoo matchup” … That is, a matchup where the opponent is taking lots of collateral damage and therefore falls into burn range.

    I have come around due to my loss in the second Faeries bout that maybe main deck Pyrostatic Pillar is not optimal… Overvaluing it probably cost me the match.

  • TheAmericanNightmare doesn’t like Keldon Marauders very much.Personally, I thought it was good. I sided it out against decks like Faerie Wizards, but I like the card very much when the opponent is the beatdown. It does a lot of damage in a hurry against a Storm, and I love the card against opposing attack decks. I was pretty sure Luis Neiman (Luis Not Vargas) had Blistering Firecat in our match and tapped for the Marauders anyway, and just soaked up three while he committed four mana (I already had Tarmogoyf on board as well as another Marauders in hand). At this stage I would not cut it.

    I think the mana base is pretty good. I like the Mountains because this deck is not Zoo. I don’t particularly like taking 100 damage from my lands. I would consider adding more Plains in order to run Duergar Hedge-Mage… lots of decent players are suggesting I add that card.

  • thewachman wanted to hear about Osyp’s Slide deck… We already covered that here.
  • ReAnimator wanted to know why I didn’t run Magma Jet (long time readers know I love a Magma Jet and even played it in Legacy). I wanted a card that could deal three damage in Lash Out is the simple answer, Magma Jet being not really good enough for the main here.
  • mpace started reading Dune thanks to one of my previous articles. This is inspiring for me! Thanks! I think I am going to spend more time on book and comics recommendations (especially as Osyp has no knowledge of obscure graphic novels).


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#1 CMH2003 on 02.26.09 at 10:45 pm

Random comic talk: Avid reader of Walking Dead and was recently turned on to Invincible but still on the fence about it. At points it is fun and witty but i feel like over all the writing is weak.

Magic: Speaking of the D.H. mage I just saw a list that was running both those and Mana Tithe, and i know you love you some mana tithe, was wondering if you thought Mana Tithe is a card that should be played more in extended right now?

#2 eric281 on 02.27.09 at 8:36 am

Last Friday a buddy of mine called me to see if I wanted to cube draft, but I told him I didn’t have time because I needed to pick up cards for my ptq deck. My friend said that sounds fun and decided that he wanted to go if I could throw a deck together. Not only had he not played a game of the current extended, he hasn’t been playing any constructed magic in years, and has never put up any decent (t8+) finish at anything bigger than a GPT. I tried to build the list you posted, but short on time, the sideboard was a little lacking.

When we showed up for the PTQ in San Antonio, it ended up being a 182 person tournament making it one of the biggest PTQs ever in Texas. I did really well, finishing 3rd with my Faeries deck, but my friend who had no experience had a breakout tournament, going undefeated in the swiss, barely losing a game. He ended up losing a close match in the finals of the PTQ to a Goyf-Rack deck because of a simple mistake because he didn’t understand Cry of Contrition. I’d say it’s a pretty strong deck if someone is able to pick it up without playtesting a game and come very very close to a Q for Hawaii. Thanks for the list.

#3 ReAnimator on 02.27.09 at 8:44 am

Comic Question;

I’m a big fan of Y the last man, and so i’ve picked up ExMachina. It’s been up and down for me i’ve really like certain stories and aspects, while other things in it have left me wanting. Have you read it and enjoyed it? and does the value of it go way up if you are a New Yorker?

#4 admin on 02.27.09 at 10:49 am

I don’t know if you know this, but Brian K. Vaughan is a real-life friend of mine. We went to high school together and hung out with the same group of friends. My signed copy of Y #1 says he stole all his ideas from me.

So I don’t know if the value goes up from being a New Yorker because I have automatically bought every single thing Brian has written since 1994 or so when he participated in the StanHattan project and got his first opportunities on Ka-Zar, Cable, etc. I have literally everything he has ever written and plan to buy everything he writes forever. Personally, I think Ex Machina is more or less the best comic book being printed not just for Brian, because Tony Harris is my all-time favorite penciler as well. Does that answer your question? 🙂

#5 ReAnimator on 02.27.09 at 12:26 pm

Oh wow, that’s really cool,

As far as the stories being up and down, it’s fine as on the whole the series is really good. I also agree that Tony Harris’ art in the series is really really incredible.

What a weird coincidence.

Also as a heads up this Doran List me and a friend came up with has won two PTQ’s in Ontario over the last 2 weeks, qualifying said friend and another team mate. Our deadbeat TO hasn’t sent the lists in as far as i know, so i thought i would post them here.
I ended up with a winning record but having to scoop in the 70 card mirror match as i got paired up. The first winning sideboard was trash, so this is the current sideboard. This is undefeated vs Fae as well which is nice.

1 Eganjo
1 Shizo
1 Okina
3 Overgrown tomb
2 Godless
1 Temple
3 Mire
4 Heath
2 swamp
1 forest
1 plains
2 TTVillage

4 Noble Heirarch
4 sculler
4 doran
2 tegg
3 finks
3 Confidant
4 goyf

3 purify
3 Path
4 jitte
4 thoughtseize


3 Wilt leaf leige
2 Darkblast
2 Relic
1 Tegg
2 Loxodon heirarch
2 Krosan Grip
2 Rule of law
1 path to exile

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